One Fine Messy Day – The Casual Chic

14wearing :: Black Tank, #forever21| Pink Plaid Shirt, #pepejeans| Skinny Jeans, #levi’s| Red Pumps, #thrifted| Snakey Choker & Leopard Ring, #galsaccesshurry| Maroon watch, #giordano|

Sometimes, all I wanna do is just tie my hair up in a bun and really not use my brain to dress up. So, it was one of those days…. when All I wanna be is “Messy”…. a pair of dirty rough jeans, a tank and a loosely fitted plaid, you know just for the added comfort and cover… :)

But, with the accessory fanatic, that I am, I just had to wear one. So, thought of wearing this edgy snake print choker I recently laid my hands on from #galsaccesshurry. I really think that this choker totally complimented the whole laid back messy look without being over the top. The snake print effect of the choker gives that biker’s chic look to give any outfit an edge to look forward to.

So, yeah… go ahead and get messy…but with a twist… ;) :P…

Hope you guys liked the post and thank you so very much for stopping by… :)

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One Dress – Two Looks

So, by now you guys all know that I am a vivid sucker for accessories… and Online Shopping is where I find my solace. So, yet again, I came across this online store for accessories called Gals Access-Hurry and trust me, it did quench my thirst!!! The best part that I liked about this store is the value for money that I got, great designs to choose from

Something that really caught my fascination were these royal looking accessories at affordable prices So, I happened to buy a lot of pieces from them, and this is how I styled a couple of them… The first one is this traditional with a modern twist to it, something that can easily glam up any outfit, be it formal or traditional. So, keeping it the “Royal”ness of this accessory in mind, I thought of pairing it with an elegant sheer maxi dress. Added my Jewel Toned Green Heels to add a pop of color.

LOOK – 1

IMG-20140823-WA0062IMG-20140823-WA00691922IMG-20140823-WA0068-1wearing :: Sheer Black Maxi Dress,| Broche & Pearl Set Bangles, #galsaccesshurry| Jewel Toned Heels, #forever21|

For the, second look, all I did is replace the broche with the asymmetrical statement necklace and left my hair down. Really loved  how each of the accessory totally transitioned the same outfit altogether.

LOOK – 2


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Graphic Pencil Skirt + Peplum Power

So, this is one combination which never fails me. Pencil Skirt & a Peplum. But, just for some spunk, this time I went the graphic way :)


Paired the monochrome toned skirt with a plain classic peplum top and really liked the way the whole look turned out to be. Extremely neat and polished. I chose to go pretty low on accessories this time, just a bow belt in white and a pair of little pearl studs.

Hope you guys too like the post and thank you so very much for stopping by… :)

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 :: wearing ::

Black Peplum Top, #splash| Graphic Pencil Skirt,| Heels, #enroute| Bow Belt, #westside| Pearl Studs, #gifted|

Something Old ; Something New

So, I recently bumped into one of my very old favorites, while I was cleaning my cupboard last weekend. I mean, seriously, I was literally so overwhelmed to have found my old lost love in the Denim Jacket, without which I couldn’t do without once upon a time. In fact it is one of the oldest member in my cupboard now. Over a period of time, I bought new clothes…got closer to them…and eventually forgot about it! :( 

PicsArt_1408120982476And that made me realize, that sometimes in life we come so ahead in life, that we tend to forget the people once we couldn’t do without, isn’t it…? We meet new people, like them, start spending more time with them and yeah…move on…!! 

But anyways, So happy I was to have re-bonded with it, that I had to do a blog post on it. So teamed it up with one of my new friend, the monochrome maxi and guess what…

They really liked each others company… :)

Casual & Free is all they wanted to be… :)

Hope you liked it guys and thank you so very much for stopping by…



PicsArt_1408103251173PicsArt_1408102783156PicsArt_1408102642240PicsArt_1408103073856PicsArt_1408101662841PicsArt_1408102422294:: wearing ::

Maxi Dress, #forever21| Mint Heels, #forever21| Fish Necklace,| Denim Jacket, #thrifted| Mint Statement Ring, #colabacauseway|

Formal Sport Glam :: Graphic Tee + Taupe Blazer

Well, I am somebody, who’s most comfortable in my basic graphic tees. So, I got way too comfortable recently and recently styled one of my basics at work… :P


But let me tell you guys, I was quite happy with the results… :) 

All I did was pair the grey colored basic with dark washed skinny jeans and add a taupe color blazer to give the whole attire a more structured look. A rose gold watch and a pair of beige heels to complete the look.

Hope you guys liked it and thank you so very much for stopping by…. :) 




:: wearing ::

Basic Tee, #pantaloons| Taupe Blazer, #Globus| Dark Washed Skinny jeans, #levis| Heels, #enroute| Watch, #fossil|

Floral Shorts + Red Heels

So, I recently got my hands on these cute little floral shorts and guess what, I bought it for just 120 bucks which is a little above one dollar!!! I mean seriously, do you even get something at such whooping amount anywhere these days… and that too something that’s soooo… cute… !!!

I know, I know, I am bragging just too much about it…but me can’t help… you guys only see iot for yourself.

PicsArt_1407685597794This very piece made me realize that one cannot buy style but create it… what say…?    :)

Well, enough of me blab-erring and now back to the styling… :P I styled this monochrome cutie with a lace blouse in white. Added this skinny black belt to retain balance out the flared shorts, an edgy black statement necklace for some oomph factor. I completed the look with a pop of color with a pair of bright red pumps.

Hope you guys liked the look and thank you so very much for stopping by.

Until then, keep it stylish… xoxo



:: wearing ::

Floral Shorts, #fbb| White Net Blouse, #ovs| Black Skinny Belt, #westside| Statement Necklace, #thrifted| Red Pumps, #gifted|

OOTD :: Polka Dots + Coral Scarf

So, I had this polka dot brown top lying in my cupboard which I haven’t worn for almost the longest time. And I really wasn’t doing justice to this cutie either… :(

So, it was high time for me to finally give it a try. Well, I wore it to my office the other day and this is how I styled it which I hope you guys like… :)PicsArt_1407406445012

Something, really something there is about the classic polka dots as you really don’t have to make much effort to style ‘em… all I did was team it up with a pair of black pencil trousers and added a pop of color with this beautiful coral scarf. A pair of brown suede heels to complete the look. And yeah, I am not a huge fan of purses as an accessory. In fact, I just have a handful of them which I keep rotating every week. It’s only that I am being asked a lot to showcase also the bags that I use on a daily basis, I thought to introduce one of the jewels I own… :P

Hope you guys liked the look and pray that you all have a great week ahead of you…




:: wearing ::

Polka Dot Top, #thrifted| Black Pencil Pants, #max| Animal Print Belt, #westside| Suede Heels, #catwalk| Statement Ring, #online| Coral Scarf, #ethnicity| Black Belt Watch, #titan| Bag, #rhysetta|