Sweet Muddy Rains :: Cheer-full Yellow + Brown Knit

Hello Lovlies,

Hope you guys are doing all good! Well, for me, I am at my best as the season of monsoon is here to stay …  :) … Experiencing Mumbai Rains is something I wait for whole year-long, and when it finally arrives, I make sure that I enjoy every bit of it … :) Getting drenched, seeping hot cup of coffee watching the rain pour outside the window and wearing really bright-colored outfits to cheer up those dull gloomy but cozy days.PicsArt_1405859434225

So, I recently sported this bright yellow sheer short dress for a day out shopping with my hubby. The bright yellow color with white animal prints on it was such a mood lifter and the soft airy material added to the cheerfulness. Wore a brown knitted shrug to give some layering to the look. In fact, contrary to what I assumed, brown totally complemented the yellow without overpowering it and this is one such combination I am looking forward to style again. :)PicsArt_1405826918304

PicsArt_1405865584674PicsArt_1405866127619PicsArt_1405865992061Hope you guys liked the look & thank you so very much for stopping by and hope to see you soon on Facebook, having a lot of fun there with daily posts and pictures. :)



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Jazzing Up The Jumper!

Hello People,

Hope you guys had a great weekend and are all geared up for the week ahead… :)

Well, my weekend was filled with friends, shopping and good food.

Well, apart from this I finally tried my hands on the Jumper Trend and this is how I chose to style the same. Ya, I know that this trend is kind of on the verge of fading out now but I still couldn’t resist when this black cropped jumpers caught my fascination. ;)

So, chose to style it with a vibrant cobalt blue over sized shrug which helped me add that right pop of color to the monochrome one piece. Some Gold & Pearl strings and mint blue heels is all I needed to complete the look. I loved just how effortless & chic this whole jumper thing is, In fact trying out more varieties in these jumpers is on my hit list now, ‘coz I just can’t get over it now. :P

PicsArt_1404060169549 PicsArt_1404060611093 PicsArt_1404061214639 PicsArt_1404061468969 PicsArt_1404059876718 PicsArt_1404062476100Hope you guys liked it and thank you so much for stopping by :)


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Monochrome Jumper, #maysmartprice.com| Cobalt Blue Shrug, #globus| Mint Blue Heels, #forever21|


The Leibster Award :: Get to Know Me Better

Hello People, Hope you all are doing just fabulous and I am back again, not with a Fashion Post but with a different motive… ;)

So, I got nominated by http://beautynsoul.wordpress.com/author/lunaticvisionary/ (Lunatic Visionary) and am so glad & excited to be doing this…. :)


So, here are few random facts about me … :)

1. I am a “CUSP” i.e. my Birthday is on the 20th April, so I am a combination of Aries & Taurus, which by the way, is a deadly combination…  ;) :P

2. I have a Twin Brother to myself, where I am 3 minutes elder to him … :)

3. I am a Civil Engineer by profession and have persuaded my Post Graduation in Real Estate & Infrastructure.

4. In my free time, apart from shopping, I love to cook for my loved ones. :)

5. According to my hubby, I am pretty good in giving for and head messages. :)

6. When I was a kid, I wanted to become a Pop Singer … (My Hubby still feels that I should pursue a career in it … ;) )

7. I dream of having my own fashion Boutique one day.

So, that was 7 random facts about me…hope you know me better now …..& here are my answers to littlemakeupblog’s questions:

1. What is the 1 incident idea that changed your life?

Well, my idea to get married this early in life completely changed my life for good. :) (FYI, I got married when I was 24 years old…. :) )

2. What do you like about blogging?

The fact that I get to connect with so many good people and learn so many new things on a daily basis, is what I like the most about blogging. Also, I get to share my ideas and it feels great when little things get appreciated by others. :)

3. You favorite motivational quote?

I strongly believe in it and do practice it thoroughly …. ” Failure is not falling down but to refuse to get up “

4. You favorite joke?

Really don’t have one… :(

5. What is your favorite book?

well, Tintin Comics are something I really like reading even today… :P

6. What is your favorite song?

I just love this song “If you’re not the one” By Daniel Bedingfield, it makes me fall in love with my hubby all over again…. :)

7. What is your favorite form of social media?

I guess, Facebook! :)

8. Do you like poetry?

Yup. :) have checked your page out and thoroughly liked it as well,,, :)

9. What reel life character you would be if you had a choice in real life (fictional characters included)?

I would like to become Rapunzel… :)

10. What is the hardest thing you have ever done, or the biggest obstacle you have faced in your life?

I don;t think I really have faced any big obstacle so far. But ya, hardest thing for me to do is to be on diet… :P I just lovvveeee food! :)

11. What are 3 of your future goals?

well, My first goal of life is to “Get Healthy” … :)

Second, to have cute little babies… :P :)

Third, Be Happier as each day passes by. :) :) :) :)

Well, now that I am done, Here are my set of questions for those I will tag:

1. Who do you love the most?

2. What did you want to be when you were a kid?

3. What is your dream job?

4. Three things you can’t do without?

5. Your favorite online store.

6. Your Role Model.

7. The Happiest day in your life, till date.

8. Given a chance, you would love to have a life of ….?

9. Your biggest fear.

10. Celebrity Style you admire.

I Nominate:


Again thank you Lunatic Visionary for considering me for this award, I really appreciate it  :)




An Online Affair… To Continue…

Hi Guys,

Hope you are having a pretty good day so far  :)

Well, it is undoubtedly true that the Online shopping phenomenon has taken the fashion world by storm and especially proved to be a boon for working individuals like us who find it quite difficult juggling between our professional and personal life. And that is exactly when Online Shopping comes to our rescue… After all, no matter what, we girls can’t do without our little doses of shopping every now and then, can we? :P ;)

While I am always looking out for new online stores who can come up to my expectations in terms of giving me value for money, having the latest collection in fashion or be it suiting my pocket, I stumbled upon this awesome website called Mysmartprice.com. And trust me, I thoroughly enjoyed my whole shopping experience with this site.

They have the latest collection of all the fashion apparel, of different brands, all under one roof. So, no need to juggle between different sites. The prices are pretty reasonable and run true to its quality. And the best part is that you get your products shipped to your doorstep in a matter of couple of days. While I was overwhelmed with the kind of collection of well-known online brands they had in store, I ended up ordering couple of dresses from their site.PicsArt_1402247163153

The first dress that caught my fascination was this Aztec Print Bodycoon Dress. Aztec Prints flaunts for itself and I don’t think that they’re taking a back seat either. I feel that it’s an effortless and an effective LSD (little Simple Dress) and can take you from day to-night with some addition and subtraction of accessories here and there. I chose to style mine with some killer heels and just a statement ring and let the dress do all the talking.


Hope you all liked the post and don’t forget to check out Mysmartprice.com”. You might just end up having an affair with it as well… ;)

Thank you so much for reading guys :)

Until then, Happy Shopping!

Love, Urva

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Goa Diaries :: Silky White + Emerald Green

Happy Thursday Everyone,

Hope you all are having an awesome week so far…. :)

So, my #GoaDiary Continues and I am back to share one of a beautiful dress I grabbed in Goa… :)

Loved the flowy silhouette of the dress which subtly accentuated my curves and made my dance moves look good…  ;) :P

I styled this Blue & White silk dress with a neon green droplet necklace and mint green heels. :)


 Hope you all liked the post and thank you so very much for reading :)

By the Way, have you visited my Facebook Page yet, really having a lot of fun there with daily posts… :)

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Goa Diaries :: The Pretty Palazzos

Hello lovelies,

Hope you all are doing just great. Well, I recently had a short summer trip to Goa and out came my florals… :)

Tried my hands out with the “oh so Popular Palazzo” and I tell you what, I have fallen in love with it forever since..!
They are like the perfect pair for the summers … easy and breezy as I would like to call it :)
 I styled mine with a plain black singlet and let the Palazzo do all the talking… :)


Hope you all liked it and thank so very much for reading … :)

:: Wearing ::

Top, Black Singlet, #code| Bottom, Floral Palazzo, #thrifted| Black Strappy Flats, #thrifted|

#OOTD :: Peplum + Monochrome Stripes

Hello People,

Hope you all are doing just great!

So, I wore this beautiful peplum top in color blue yesterday with one of my favourite pencil skirts. Now, there’s something about the peplums which gives you that polished feminine touch which is corporate appropriate. The flare which starts right beneath your waistline helps you retain your shape.

The pencil skirt is another beautifully crafted piece which clings on to you at all the right places thus giving you a structured look. Hope you guys like it… :)






Thank you so very much for reading guys and hope to see you all here, very soon…. :)

Love, Urva

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